4 Inspirational Young Entrepreneurs on the Rise

When you think of the archetypal entrepreneur, typically it's the older man with an MBA who has several businesses under his belt, with money in the bank. These young people are all out to prove that entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, from varying backgrounds, all with visions that they hope to make a success.

You don't need millions in startup money, fancy business degrees, or even a driver's license to be an entrepreneur. All that is necessary to get started is a dream, perseverance, dedication, and creativity and you could potentially be running your own company one day too.

Laura Soucek

Dr. Soucek is the co-founder and CEO of Peptomyc, which is now in the process of developing a peptide medication that can infiltrate and kill cancerous cells, without all of the side effects of other common cancer treatments, according to Labiotech. After devoting the entirety of her career to research, she decided it was time to start really making a difference. In an interview with Biocat, Dr, Soucek said that becoming an entrepreneur wasn't her original plan, but "starting up a company was the most logical decision to translate 20 years of research into a real therapeutic opportunity."

George Matus

As only a sophomore in high school, George Matus started his company, Teal Drones, which touts high-performance, high-end production drones. In fact, when he started Teal, his production drone was the fastest in the industry with speeds up to 70 MPH, according to Business News Daily. Now, along with his amazing drones, his accomplishments now include becoming a Thiel Fellow and induction into Forbes 30 under 30 for Consumer Technology.

Durell Coleman

Durell Coleman has an eye for design, specifically human programs design. He is striving to make the world a better place for people through his work with governments, foundations, non-profits, and companies by redesigning programs that just aren't working well enough, according to Cause Artist. Some of his projects have included improvements to the foster care system, criminal justice reform, healthcare service modeling, and applications designed to integrate communities. His award-winning STEM educational program, Design the Future has been used in high schools, in conjunction with top universities.

Sabine Sipunova

Sabine Sipunova has miraculously found a way to capitalize on upset customers: instead of a half-hearted apology or worse, nothing at all, Sorry as a Service will send a personalized apology gift to stilted consumers on behalf of erring companies. Forbes named her as a top 10 Promising Founder to Watch in the Baltics and she has also completed TechStars London and Start Wise Guys BusinessTech'15 CEED Tech programs, according to One Young World.

These young people have not let their age stand in the way of their dreams and have found ways to make sure that their entrepreneurial spirit shines through their work and their businesses. They have proven that no matter how large or small your vision, it takes perseverance, creativity, and dedication to make it work. Let the successes of these young entrepreneurs inspire your future.