Accessibility Statement


Versara Lending, LLC is committed to ensuring that all its services are accessible to anyone, regardless of circumstance and ability. We believe all our customers should be able to easily browse our website.

At Versara Lending, LLC, we set high standards to ensure compliance with all laws and guidelines. To achieve this, we aim to adhere to World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) at the AA level. These guidelines detail how to make web content accessible to people with a wide variety of disabilities.

Steps Taken to Improve Accessibility

This website uses various technologies that are meant to always make it accessible as possible. Here are some of the items we have addressed to make sure our sites are as easy to use as possible for all customers:

  • Site Structure – We use appropriate headings, lists, paragraphs, tabs and other features on so that customers can seamlessly use the site with assistive technology.
  • Screen Reader Compatible -
  • Alt text – Customers who are unable to see images or hear audio may need a form of text equivalent to interact with our sites. We are ensuring that all our media is fully accessible through alternative text, captions or transcripts.
  • Keyboard – All of our sites can be accessed and navigated by using a keyboard.


Versara Lending, LLC continues its efforts to improve the accessibility of its site and services. Despite our best efforts to make all content on fully accessible, some content may not have been fully adapted to the strictest accessibility standards.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing difficult with any content on or require assistance with any part of our website, please contact us at [email protected]. We would like to hear from you and would be happy to assist.