6 Fun-Filled Favorites for This Labor Day

Labor Day, in spite of the name, is all about relaxing and having fun with family and friends. Set during the peak of the summer, there are all kinds of ways to get together to make great memories with the people we care about the most. Check out our favorite tips for having fun this Labor Day.

Get in The Spirit of The Games

Whether it's an Olympic year or not, the international competition are a great source of inspiration for having a Labor Day weekend that's fun for the whole family. DailyParent suggests games like the egg toss or a wheelbarrow race (potato sacks or old pillow cases also make for challenging - and entertaining - races) or using spray paint to create a giant game of twister in your own back yard. Creative prizes don't have to break the bank - try an extra serving of ice cream, or a handmade trophy the family can work on together.

Don't Wear White After Labor Day

While some might pass on this advice, to others it's a big deal in the world of fashion. Why not make a theme of it, as suggested by Bulbhead and close out the summer season in style by asking party guests to wear their favorite white clothing before storing it for the winter months. White shoes, skirts, pants and blouses are perfect for this fun tradition.

Treat Yourself to Relaxation

With a long weekend on the calendar well in advance, Labor Day weekend is a great time to get an early booking at a nail salon or spa with plenty of time to spare for other summertime fun. Onelegal also points out that a day lounging at the beach can be just as relaxing and leave you feeling recharged, so scope out your favorite ocean shore or lakefront plot and take advantage of the sand and surf.

Watch the Parade

Labor Day is well known for patriotic fun of all kinds, but one of the most common activities in communities throughout the country is the Labor Day Parade. Parades for this holiday are so popular that Express, a UK based publication, pointed them out as one of the main ways Americans celebrate this special summer holiday. Find one in your local community and get out to support the people who work hard planning to make these traditional marches one of our favorite parts of any Labor Day weekend!

Have A Bonfire

For many people, summer nights are synonymous with kicking back around a bonfire. Labor Day celebrations are the perfect opportunity to gather brush and bramble and light up the night while appreciating the company of close friends and relatives alike. MyDomaine notes that bonfires tend to foster great conversations, and the extra light will help your party last well after the sun has gone down. Good thing it's a long holiday weekend!


One of the all-time greatest Labor Day traditions is the DIY Slip'n'Slide. A few yards of flat ground, some tarps in good condition, and a bit of soap and water are all you need to create one of the most thrilling summer activities around. Sure to be enjoyed by kids and parents alike, BulbHead points out the Slip'n'Slide is also one of the best ways to cool off during hot summer days if there's not a lake or pool nearby.

Labor Day has been a favorite holiday for millions of Americans for decades, creating some of the most beloved and lasting memories from seasons gone by. Get the family together, fire up the grill, or hop in the car and head for your favorite splashing hole and make this year another summer to remember!