6 Job Skills for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic will end eventually, and workplaces and the job market are sure to be forever changed by our collective experience. To be prepared, you'll want to make sure you can sell yourself with these skills and qualities employers will be looking for.

Resilience, Flexibility, and Adaptability

Many companies have struggled through the pandemic to appear to be relatable and concerned, responsive to customer fears, and stresses. Employers have been concerned about employees' mental health and stability during such difficult times. As we move past the pandemic, they will continue to seek out workers who are able to bounce back, go with the flow and remain productive and confident in rapidly changing workplaces.

Technology and Awareness

As we all find our lives moving from physical locations to virtual ones, conference rooms to Zoom rooms, being able to efficiently use and adapt to technological solutions for modified workplaces and businesses is key. Workers who can quickly learn new software and use it well will be in high demand. Employers will need more than tech-savvy employees who can easily work from home. They will need workers who can expand IT departments, innovate new online processes for working and engaging with colleagues and customers.

Data Literacy and Analysis

Most current business and safety decisions are primarily based on data collection and analysis. Openings and closings are determined by illness rates and densities while safety protocols are set and reset based on new and improved data. Whether your skills lie in collecting and managing data and the tools to do so, or in analyzing and interpreting it, both will continue to be high-demand skills in current and post-pandemic workplaces.

Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership

Facing such unusual and widespread changes as we all have with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees who can pivot plans and procedures in creative, innovative ways will be much sought after. Those who can be decisive and responsive, possess the leadership skills that will help them stand out from the crowd.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Employers will welcome workers with strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills -- those who can look past the static, bluster, and misinformation that abound in today's world. They will seek out job candidates who can cut through all of that and get to the heart of a problem, analyze it accurately, and present clear, reliable data to inform business decisions.

Digital & Social Media Marketing and Customer Service

It's no secret that businesses which can operate online are thriving, even in these days when the economy is in such dire straits. Workers who can easily maneuver through the digital world and present a high-quality online and social media presence will be key players for companies in the post-pandemic world. Adding and expanding online sales components will bring added traffic, and that increased sales activity will require quality customer service. However, you fit into that spectrum of skills, you'll be placing yourself in an excellent position for the current and future job market.

The world is unsettled and unpredictable as we navigate through the coronavirus pandemic. Developing the skills and knowledge most likely to be wanted by employers can prepare you for success in the post-pandemic world.