Celebrate Dad While Saving Money. What More Could He Ask For?

Most of us go out of our way to make sure that our Mothers are pampered and showered with gifts on Mother's day. Yet somehow when Father's Day comes around a month later it never seems to measure up to what we have done for our Moms. Our Fathers just as important a part of our lives and we should show them as much planning and forethought as we give our Mom. The following five ideas are ways that we can show our Fathers how much we love them while saving some money in the process.

1. Take him Fishing

It should come as no surprise that fishing is one of the best ways that Fathers like to spend their day, Dad's get time to try to catch the one that got away while sitting side by side with someone they love. You can make it even more enjoyable by swapping stories about growing up or chatting about what's going in your life right now. If you want to impress him sprays some WD-40 in your lures and when he asks why, tell him that it masks human odor while attracting the fish as well.

2. Play a game

Every Dad has some sort of game that they enjoy be it card games, board games or even video games. Take some time to find out which is your Father's favorite and set up an afternoon or evening with family and friends playing that game. Since it's his day you should let him win, of course, but don't make it so obvious that he knows you threw the game. Dad will love the time he gets to spend with friends and family and when he comes out triumphant from the gaming session he will be all the happier.

3. Host a barbecue

Hosting a Barbecue is a great way to show your Dad how much you love him and it really doesn't have to be all that expensive. Invite friends and family over suggesting people bring a dish to pass and set up a nice cookout of hot dogs and hamburgers. If dad considers himself a grill master let him do all of the grilling so he can show everyone his grilling prowess. Dad gets to spend time surrounded by the people he most cares for while enjoying the food he loves to eat.

4. Do projects around the house

Most dads will tell you they enjoy doing projects around the house but the tediousness of those tasks can get to the most patient of fathers. Take the time to do the things he hates most from cleaning out the garbage disposal to cleaning out the gutters. Give him a day to relax and not worry about the day to day chores or even tackle one of his big do it yourself projects around the house so that he doesn't have to.

5. Learn about your family history

While Ancestry kits are all the rage, there are better and less expensive ways to learn about your lineage. Spend some time with your dad going through old pictures and videos and talk about not only your immediate family's past but that of his whole family as well. Call or invite his parents over to join in on the conversation and make it a big day of learning about the past. Most Dads love to tell stories and this is a perfect way to let him do so and to learn more about who and where you came from.

The above tips are all great ways to honor your dad but make sure whatever you chose to do, it is something that you know he would enjoy. While some Fathers will enjoy fishing, they may not find a day of games quite as entertaining. Since it is his big day make sure you are doing the things that he would enjoy the most. You can even tell him you were able to find ways to save some money while doing it because if we are being honest we all know our father will be thrilled with knowing he taught us how to save some money.