5 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day on a Family Budget

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you may be wondering what to do with your family. While many people opt for an expensive vacation over the long weekend, that may not be an option for you. However, this certainly does not mean that you and your kids can't have a fantastic time together! Here are five fun and inexpensive ways to spend your Memorial Day weekend with your family.

1. Set up a Scavenger Hunt

Take your kids to the park, a hiking trail, or even your backyard and let them roam around finding items on their scavenger hunt list. Buggy and Buddy has over 30 free outdoor scavenger hunts that you can download and print to give your kids lots of options on what they want to find. It can keep them entertained for hours, and your whole family will enjoy the time spent outdoors. If you like, you can even provide small dollar store prizes for the winner of each category, or for each child who participates, without breaking the bank.

2. Honor Our Heroes

If you know veterans, teach your kids the true meaning of the holiday by honoring our heroes. If you have a veteran in the family, try visiting them if possible. Your kids can help you bake cookies or some other sweet treat for the veteran and spend some time thanking them for their service. If you know veterans that have passed away, take your kids somewhere to pick wildflowers, and honor the veteran by leaving the flowers at their gravesite. The House of Hendrix website has a wonderful list of ways to teach your children the true meaning of Memorial Day and thank our nation's heroes at the same time.

3. Join Your Town's Celebration

It's possible that your town or city is planning a Memorial Day celebration of their own. These type of events are usually free to attend, so your family can enjoy the atmosphere, shows, and even fireworks. You'll need to pay for food or additional activities, but the cost is often minimal. If you're on a budget, bring a picnic or eat beforehand, and save the splurging for something fun like cotton candy or funnel cake.

4. Go Camping

With the warmer weather, camping may be the perfect family solution for your family this weekend. Get away from the bustle of ordinary life and spend a few days enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Go hiking, catch some fish, and snap pictures of some priceless memories in the peace of nature. Depending on your campground, you may be able to do additional activities such a whitewater rafting or canoeing. The price of your campsite will vary by location, but you should be able to find one within driving distance that meets your family's budget. If you need help, check out the U.S. National Park's website to find a park with camping near you.

5. Host a Cookout

A big Memorial Day dinner may be out of the question for your family alone. But with a few friends, neighbors, or family members in the picture, you can have a wonderful Memorial Day cookout with minimal expense. Ask everyone to bring an item to add to the potluck, making sure that at least one person is handling each category: salads, meat, drinks, sides, and dessert. You can easily obtain a collection of cheap decorations, napkins, and disposable silverware at the dollar store for only a few dollars to add some patriotic flair to the scene. You can also ask people to bring a variety of outdoor games such as bocce, ladder ball, or cornhole. Check out La Jolla Mom's article for even more great backyard games that will keep both kids and adults entertained!

Holidays with your family don't have to be expensive. With a little bit of planning and positivity, you can turn a cheap weekend into a cherished memory.