3 Affordable Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Cold and Flu season coming around on top of a pandemic is nerve wracking, to say the least. Nobody wants to get sick, so we get our flu shots, wash our hands and remain cautious of spreading germs, and some people even buy 7-dollar juice shots from health foods stores. Breaking the bank isn't a requirement for maintaining your health there are some other affordable ways to boost your immune system naturally that you don't have to buy at a pricey health food store.

Create Healthy Habits

Your health is in your own hands, and the habits you create impact your physical health drastically. A study done by Harvard showed that the easiest way to boost your immune system naturally is to make healthy lifestyle choices. Smoking and vaping both harm your immune system, along with excessive drinking and not getting enough rest. If you were ever looking for a sign to quit smoking, this is your immune system telling you to go for it. Make sure you're getting adequate rest, drinking enough water, and exercising as well to guarantee an immune boost.

Vegetable Rich Diet

You see headlines everywhere talking about the new super food, but it's much simpler to eat a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits than to follow the latest dieting trends. UC Davis Health explained in an article on boosting your immune system during the pandemic that the vitamins to look for in your diet that boost your immune system are zinc, A, C and E. Taking specific vitamins has proven less beneficial than eating them in food, therefore, a trip to the produce aisle is in order. These immune boosters are found in broccoli, spinach, red bell peppers, sweet potato, citrus fruits and carrots. As long as you're making conscious choices in the grocery store and at the dinner table, you don't have to waste money on products branded to boost your immune system.

Reduce Stress

Stress has been linked directly to reduced immune function, according to the American Psychological Association. Simply put, when you're stressed, your body releases cortisol, which in small doses can boost the immune system, but overtime your body will adapt to having an excess of it and the stress hormone will stop working. When stressed, you also produce fewer infection fighting white blood cells.

If you're strung out, worrying, or panicking and failing to take care of yourself, your immune system will surely pay the price. Long term stress, especially, can do some serious damage to even the healthiest person. Managing stress, even minor, is extremely important to maintaining your physical health as well as mental health. Doing so, along with leading a healthy and balanced life, can reduce your chances of getting sick more than a multivitamin ever could.

This winter, just remember to wash your hands and take care of yourself, and your immune system will thank you in the spring. Exercising, making healthy choices, eating more whole foods, and managing your stress are the cheapest and easiest ways to make sure you stay healthy.