5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Significant Other

April is Couple Appreciation Month! How can you show your appreciation for your significant other this month? We often try to express our love through romantic or expensive gifts. Don't settle for the status quo or spend more money than you have. Show you care by using one or more of these thoughtful ideas.

Write a Note

Taking the time to write down your appreciation allows you to choose words that express your exact thoughts about your partner. Tell them how much you cherish who they are as a person and what makes them special. Let them know that even when their looks and abilities fade away you will still love them for the wonderful being they are. This note can become a keepsake that reminds them how valuable they are if they ever doubt it.

Give Them a Meaningful Gift

Do you own something that your significant other would love to call their own? Is there an item you could get for them that would remind them of someone or something they love? Is there a charity they are passionate about that you could donate to in their honor? Give your partner something that is meaningful to them. These types of gifts will be treasured and bring more memories than expensive gifts or the typical romantic gifts of flowers, candy, or jewelry could.

Spend Time with Them

Try to think of something that your love enjoys doing that you have not done before or is not something you necessarily enjoy doing. Participating in that activity with them (willingly and without complaining) will display your affection for them. Your significant other will be glad to share a new aspect of their life with you. You may even find that this is your new favorite activity to do as a couple.

Reach Out to Them

Hold your sweetie's hand, offer them a hug, or put your hand on their shoulder. Sit close to them while you eat or watch TV. These little gestures let your significant other know that you love them and want to be with them.

Do Something for Them

Is there a responsibility your mate does not enjoy doing? Maybe it is cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes, doing laundry, or taking out the garbage. Be intentional about taking on that responsibility for your significant other when you can.  This will convey, "I see you and all you do, and I appreciate you." Be sure not to point out that you did the task because that will only put the focus on you instead of honoring them. Even if they never notice, you have helped them and expressed your love.

We all desire to show our significant other that we appreciate them. Even simple gestures can be meaningful and display just how much you adore them. Make a special effort this Couple Appreciation Month to show your sweetheart you care.