5 Money Saving Tips for Hosting a Great 4th of July BBQ

The 4th of July is the perfect excuse to enjoy the weather with friends, family, and maybe get to know a few new faces around your neighborhood. Hosting a great backyard BBQ on Independence Day is a valuable and fulfilling experience everyone should try at least once. But with this kind of event, there's usually one big worry that discourages many of us: cost.

Don't sweat it (you'll need to save that for enjoying the undoubtedly hot weather at your BBQ)! With a little planning, some attention to detail, and a careful touch, you can throw a budget-conscious cookout without a doubt. Here are five great money saving tips for hosting an incredible, memorable 4th of July BBQ:

Buy Meat in Bulk

For everyday meals at home, a simple trip to the grocery store will do the trick. You need small portions for just a few people, and you're usually rotating between meat options each day.

But for a big backyard BBQ? This is anything but efficient! You're going to need large amounts of anything you buy, so why pay the premium prices associated with small, pre-packaged portions?

Use a search engine to check local listings for a nearby butcher shop. People often don't even know they have one nearby, but there's usually a few even in more rural areas. You'll feed more people for less money -- often with the added benefit of fresher, higher quality meat!

BYOB is the Way to Be

If you're bringing the grill, the backyard, and the food, it's not unreasonable to ask your guests to help out a little. One great way to save money on your end is to focus on asking guests to bring drinks.

Alcohol is a huge expense for any party. When it's split up between a few generous guests, though, it becomes much less of a burden.

A great approach to BYOB is to stock a little yourself, and suggest buying drinks to the guests who ask what they should bring.

Don't Overspend On Invitations

Remember that the 4th of July is a particularly casual holiday. You don't need to splurge on elegant invites like you're hosting a wedding. This is hanging out with friends and family, grilling up delicious food, and having a good time!

Sticking only to social media invites isn't much of a faux pas. However, not everybody uses the same platforms and some guests might not be into social media at all. So why not go with a simple low-cost DIY invitation for these?

Limit Overt 4th of July-Themed Products

Buying holiday-themed items during the season of said holiday is always a big money sink, so skip the eye-catching 4th of July displays and stick to the standards!

You can get your 4th of July feel by targeting a few items to spend on. One great choice? Toothpick American flags. Even if your disposable plates are standard white, who's going to look at any photo of your event with these flags and mistake it for anything but an Independence Day bash?

Stick to Simple Fireworks and Let the City Handle the Rest

No 4th of July celebration is complete without some fireworks on display. But should you really handle this yourself? Most cities have a fireworks display of their own, which you can incorporate into your schedule for your guests. It'll be bigger, safer, and more enjoyable than whatever most people can put together on their own.

As for adding a bit of flare to the event at your own home, stick to fun low-cost classics like sparklers. These'll keep kids occupied and give your party a great 4th of July vibe. </p> </section>