Top 8 Awesome Apps for Selling Your Stuff Online

Today's technology has changed our lives in so many ways it's difficult to know where to begin. This includes different ways to make some extra cash by selling some of our excess stuff or other valuables on the internet. Instead of putting an ad in a local newspaper, hosting a yard or garage sale, it's often easier to post specific items online using one of these popular apps. In this light, here are some of the best applications available on the online marketplace for selling some of your stuff on the internet. 

Less Mileage With 5miles

The name appears like an internet version of "smiles," but instead this app uses GPS technology to make transactions within a five-mile radius (or expandable up to 50 miles). Along with the sales of merchandise, 5miles is a digital marketplace with a community section for pet adoption, want ads, lost-and-found items, employment opportunities, and much more.

COST: In most of the categories, sellers will get their first five listings for free. After that users choose between paying a listing fee or a monthly membership charge.

Chairish Furniture

Especially for people who are relocating or downsizing, Chairish is a great option for selling used and vintage furniture. With a buyer verification system in place, there are more serious shoppers and less lookie-loos. Chairish takes care of shipping which is especially helpful when dealing with bulky furniture.

COST: Chairish is free to list items for sale and sellers will pocket between 70-80% of the purchase price depending upon the number of active listings they have posted.

Reduce Tech with Decluttr

When you upgrade to newer technology, do you keep the older versions, reuse or recycle? Why not make some extra cash instead? Decluttr is a platform designed to buy and sell tech products from gently used smartphones to conquered video games, and other often outdated digital media like CDs or DVDs. As they say, one person's trash is another one's treasure.

COST: Decluttr makes their money by reselling your tech at a higher price, but it's still free for users.

Letgo of Your Stuff

You may have seen some of their commercials on TV where Letgo invites uses to do exactly that, Letgo of their unused or unwanted items.  You'll find and sell almost anything from fashion accessories to used electronics and vehicles on this app that allows people to sell their stuff "quickly, safely, and locally."

COST: Letgo is totally free to use without a listing fee or a commission.

Mercari Moves Merchandise

With a lot of creepy stuff happening on platforms where strangers sometimes meet in unsecured locations, Mercari moves merchandise more securely online. Shipping is a breeze since packaging labels are automatically emailed to the seller. Platforms like eBay are often really complicated, Amazon is even worse, but Mercari moves merchandise without the hassle.

COST: Mercari takes a flat 10% commission off each sale.

Make an OfferUp

OfferUp is another local option which means sellers won't worry about shipping and features an instant messaging system making it easier to communicate with buyers. The app also uses ratings, profiles, and transaction histories to keep everything transparent.

COST: OfferUp is free for buyers and sellers to use at a basic level. Charges apply for premium, pay-per-use services like Bump which bumps up your item to the top of the list and Promote which makes stuff show up more often.

Tradesy Takes on Fashion

If fashion is your passion and clothing is your thing, Tradesy is the perfect place for you to play, trade, sell, and explore options in the world of what's hot and what's not in this trendy industry. This is also the place for people to buy, and sell shoes, accessories, and so much more. 

COST: Or in this case costs (as in plural), as Tradesy is a little pricey in comparison to other apps. There's a flat fee of $7.50 on sales under $50 and a 19.8% commission over that amount. Sellers will also pay a 2.9% "safe transfer fee" when withdrawing earnings

Find Fashion and More on ThredUP

Fed up with all those clothes in your closet that you don't wear anymore, fit funky, or you just don't like them? ThredUP might be the solution to these dilemmas. Unlike most merchandise sales apps, all you do is fill a bag with clothing and leave it for pick up from your mail carrier. ThredUP takes care of the rest. 

COST: ThredUP takes a big cut from sellers who aren't pushing big-ticket items. In other words, more luxurious, expensive items will garner 90% of the sale price but a piece selling for $15 or less will only get 5% of the purchase price.